SEND Hub - preparing for adulthood

There is a lot to think about when you become an adult and it can be overwhelming thinking about all the next steps in your life. Some of these things might be:

  • education and employment – whether you want to go to college, university, get an apprenticeship or find a job
  • learning new skills and making decisions – like how to cook, drive, make friends and develop new hobbies
  • money – knowing what to do with your money and how to get support with your finances
  • independent living – how to travel on buses and trains, getting a car or how to find a place to live
  • health and wellbeing – how to keep fit and healthy and make sure you look after your mental health

Support when you reach 18

Support services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities often run from birth to age 25. 

One thing that is important to know is that from birth to 18 years old you are supported by our children’s services.

When you turn 18 you become a legal adult and you will start to be supported by our adult’s services.

You should start thinking about this transition before you turn 18 so that it is not a surprise. The professionals involved in your support can help you with this.

We have a team dedicated to this transition called our Transitions team. This team can help you with all the things we talk about in these webpages and can give you a transitions assessment to see what support you can get.