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Reducing and reusing waste

Reusable nappies

A baby will use on average 5,000 disposable nappies before they are potty trained. 

This fills up families black bins and adds to the up to three billion disposable nappies thrown away in the UK every year. 

By switching to reusable nappies you can

  • reduce the waste in your black bin
  • save money
  • help the environment
  • discover the other benefits of modern reusable nappies

Save money

Reusable nappies could save you up to £500 on the cost of disposables per child. Pre-loved nappies can be bought cheaply and nappies can then be sold on or used for subsequent children.

Save the environment

Reusable nappies use 98% less raw materials. They can have a carbon footprint of 40% less than disposables, factoring in average washing and drying routines. 

According to a DEFRA study from 2023 they also produce 25% less CO2 than disposable nappies.

Using reusable nappies doesn’t have to mean going full-time to make a difference. Every disposable you swap for a reusable helps avoid single-use plastic. One day of switching saves the same amount of plastic as 7 carrier bags.

Other benefits

Outside of reducing your waste, reusable nappies can also benefit you in other ways.

  • you will never run out of nappies again
  • they provide comfort with natural fabrics on baby’s skin without any chemicals and provide cushioning as they learn to walk
  • babies in reusable nappies often potty train early
  • they come in a wide variety of patterns, colours and fabrics which make washing and drying simple and fashionable

North Somerset Nappy Library


North Somerset Nappy Library is a not for profit organisation run by a small group of volunteers. We provide 

  • a loan service
  • advice for parents and carers in North Somerset who would like to try reusable, cloth nappies
  • support to those already using reusable nappies - including washing advice and getting the right fit


Cost and loan period

Loan kits are available for just a £10 hire fee for six weeks with the possibility to extend loans. This helps families to choose the right nappy type and style to suit your baby and lifestyle.

The library also has some pre-loved nappies for sale and try before you buy kits.

Long term loan kits

Long-term loan kits are also available to help support families struggling with the cost of living. The library believes that cost should not be a barrier to using reusable nappies. We want to make reusable nappies available to as many families as possible. 

For more information, or to book a group demonstration or to arrange a loan kit please contact us via email or see our Facebook page.

North Somerset Nappy Library

Reusable wipes

If reusable nappies aren’t for you but you still want a cheap and environmentally friendly action, it’s an easy to switch from disposable wipes to reusable wipes. 

With reusable wipes you'll never run out of wipes again. There are also no chemicals - only water - so they are gentler on a baby's skin. 

They are also better for the planet as there is no waste. One reusable wipe does the job of three or four disposables.

North Somerset residents can get a 15% discount on the Cheeky Wipes website. Simply use the code nthsom15 at checkout.

Visit the Cheeky Wipes website