HAF grant and further information

How grant money has been spentCost
Allocation based on 5130 children who receive benefits related free school meals£521,520
Administration and management of the programme£52,436
Allocation for HAF sessions£465,000
2023/2024 contract framework allocation£375,000
Easter & summer allocation*£51,000
Winter allocation*£15,000
Contingency (requirement) £15,000
Miscellaneous i.e. training, IT, facilities hire£9,000

* in additional to contract framework providers

What we have achieved so far in 2023

Number of children receiving free school meals by home postcode


In North Somerset 5387 children are receiving benefits related free school meals. The postcode with the highest number of children receiving free school meals is BS23 with 1485. The postcode with the lowest number is BS30/34 with only two children.

Number of summer activities near home postcode


We have made sure that all children receiving benefits related free school meals in North Somerset have access to summer activities near their home postcode. The postcode with the highest number of children receiving free school meals also has the highest number of activities near their home postcode with eight activities. The minimum number of activities near a home postcode is three.

2023/2024 improvements

More consistency of provisions

We established a framework of activities provisions who will operate from the same environments each holiday in 2023/2024. Holiday provisions are open for booking six to eight weeks prior to the school holiday.

Specific activities for 12 to 16 year olds

Summer 2023 trips for 12 to 16 year olds include:

  • Cotswold Aqua Park 
  • Porthcawl Surfing 
  • Go Ape 
  • Thorpe Park 

Lunch is provided and parents do not need to attend. 

There is also a five-day Active Leaders course to provide support, preparation, guidance and a range of independence skills for young people.

SEND inclusive activities

All play scheme activity providers have received basic SEND training provided by NSPCWT.

Many of our provisions are inclusive. Information of needs must be provided when booking.

For 2024 our objective will be to commission SEND specific activities.

Making the process of getting a URN (reference number) more straight forward

In 2023 all URN references that were allocated at the beginning of the year will remain the same until the start of the new school year on 1 September 2023. 

For school year 2023/2024 we have invested in a system where parents and carers will book all sessions. This will automatically validate the booking for the child and a URN number is not needed. If bookings are not agreed by the system, parents and carers can apply to HAF for a URN number as they have done previously.