Our procurement strategy

The council spends around £170m per year on goods, works, and services with suppliers. In a time of increasing funding pressures, and increasing resident expectations, it is more important than ever that we have the best commercial arrangements in place.

These arrangements will: 

  • procure innovative and flexible works, services, and quality goods that are responsive to the needs of our community and deliver optimum value for money
  • ensure that the council gets maximum value from every pound that is spent through best value and innovative procurement practice
  • drive social value from our procurements, including making a positive commitment to addressing climate change and supporting the local economy
  • respond to the nature and climate emergencies in a way that improves environmental performance and awareness of our suppliers and users
  • ensure a consistent approach to procurement
  • maintain, strengthen, and develop strong relationships with suppliers who are proactively managed in full transparency and understanding of the risks involved.

The procurement strategy sets out how these aims will be achieved over the next four years.