Community learning courses

If you are interested in a subject not currently listed please let us know, we are always open to new ideas!

If you organise, or are part of a group that would like a course personalised to your needs please do get in touch. All participants will need to be minimum age 19, and live in North Somerset with most either being in receipt of certain means tested benefits or to have qualifications less than a full level 2. 

How to register

Details on how to register for any of our courses are available in the Community Learning newsletter. 

Upcoming courses

Below is just a selection of our upcoming courses. A full list is available in our newsletter, including those with dates to be announced.

If you don't see what you're looking for, check there for further information.

Coming up in 2022

Office skills

Learn IT skills useful for working in an office or for improving your administration skills. Gain experience using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Learn to create formal letters, write business email, and use office equipment. 

  • where you can take it: North Somerset Training Hub, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1QZ
  • course duration: Mondays and Wednesdays 12 – 2pm for five weeks
  • when you can start: from 10 January

Becoming a Novelist

Have you ever fancied writing a novel? Or Maybe you’ve started one and feel stuck? Let us help!

This course will guide you through the important bits of the craft – planning, character, plot, theme, setting – all the fun stuff.

The course is suitable for just about anyone if you are a beginner with a great idea or an experienced writer who has run out of steam.

  • where you can take it: Email course
  • course duration: runs over 8 weeks
  • when you can start: from Monday 10 January

ESOL - English for speakers of other languages

Classes offered for those with no previously knowledge of English, beginners, and upwards. All courses deliver sessions on speaking, listening, and pronunciation with a focus on using English when out and about.

These classes also seek to enable and support social integration. You will learn language for shopping, visiting new places, and for meeting and greeting new people.

For the higher-level groups, language for employment is covered as well as gaining techniques to improve presentational abilities when speaking English out loud.

  • where you can take it: St Paul’s Church Hall, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1EF
  • course duration: 12 sessions
  • when you can start: from 10 January

Mondays from 10 January for 12 sessions

Entry 1 (Beginner Plus)

10am - 12pm.

Pre-Entry (Beginner Low)




Wednesdays from 12 January for 12 sessions

No English Higher


No English Lower


Fridays from 14 January for 12 sessions

Woodwork for women

An introduction to woodwork for complete beginners in a relaxed non-competitive environment. Learn hands-on skills and carpentry techniques. Build confidence to safely use hand tools. Information about options for gaining more skills and/or experience.

  • where you can take it: face to face at the The South West Skills Campus, Locking Rd, Weston-super-Mare BS22 8NL
  • course duration: Fridays 9.30am -2.30pm for five sessions
  • when you can start: from Friday 21 January

Introduction to Aromatherapy at Home

Use aromatherapy for health, wellbeing, and stress relief. Learn about essential oils, their benefits, blending, recipes and basic massage techniques.

  • where you can take it: The Campus, Weston-super-Mare BS24 7DX
  • course duration: Mondays 10am-12pm for 8 sessions
  • when you can start: from 31 January

Fun British Sign Language

Learn basic BSL to communicate better with those who are deaf or hard of hearing. You will learn the finger spelling alphabet and how to introduce yourself. By the end you should be able to have an initial conversation with someone who uses BSL.

  • where you can take it: Zoom classes online
  • course duration: Thursdays 10am -12pm for seven sessions
  • when you can start: from 3 February

Additional 2022 courses now in the planning stages. Please see our newsletter for further details. 

Community Learning trail walks

Improve your English-language skills while enjoying the local beauty spots of Weston-super-Mare with Community Learning walk-and-talk films.