Local Plan 2039

Pre-submission plan (reg 19) – Autumn 2023

The pre-submission plan is the final version of the plan, which will be examined by the secretary of state

Pre-submission plan (reg 19) - evidence base

The evidence base to support the pre-submission plan

Preferred Options Consultation – Spring 2022

A full draft of the new local plan with proposed policies and site allocations, which is based on the previous response to consultation, evidence and government guidance

Preferred Options Consultation - supporting documents

Supporting documents published to accompany the Local Plan Preferred Options consultation

Choices consultation - Autumn 2020

Information and documents relating to our Local Plan Choices for the Future consultation where we identified areas of growth

Challenges consultation - Summer 2020

Information and documents relating to our Local Plan Challenges for the Future and the issues and challenges the local plan would need to address

Pre-commencement document - Spring 2020

This sets out the proposed content, scope and methodology of the new local plan

Our Local Development Scheme

Our timetable for producing the Local Plan and other development plan documents