Affordable housing statement

If your proposal meets the below criteria, you are required to include an element of affordable housing in your planning application, and to submit a related affordable housing statement. This is required for residential and mixed use development: 

  • Providing 10 or more dwellings; or
  • Where the site area would be 0.5ha or more

unless the development is for 100% affordable housing.

How to meet the requirements

An affordable housing statement needs to include:

  • the total number of homes proposed
  • the total number of affordable homes
    • if this is not at least 30% of the total homes, an explanation is required
  • the occupancy split for affordable housing
    • if the split does not meet our policy of 82% social housing and 18% intermediate housing, an explanation is required
  • the type of home and number of bedrooms for housing available on the open market
  • a layout plan showing the location of each affordable home. Include a key showing the type of home and occupancy
  • an affordable housing schedule detailing:
    • plot number
    • type of affordable home
    • number of bedrooms
    • size per metre squared
    • occupancy
  • build standards to be used (for example the Code for Sustainable Homes, Lifetime Homes)
  • delivery method
    • if you are not delivering through a Housing Delivery Panel member then you need to include registration details with the Homes and Communities Agency, and a signed non-partner compliance agreement for the delivery of affordable housing
  • information on the affordability of any intermediate affordable housing including
    • type of product
    • level of equity share sold
    • level of interest charged on remaining share
    • open market value
  • details of phasing plans if the site is to be built over more than one phase
  • any service charges
    • for example, landscaping, unadopted roads, communal areas, management and maintenance
  • amount of commuted sum to be paid - if the affordable housing provision is to be provided by an off-site financial contribution rather than on-site units


For additional reading, please refer to the following policy guidelines:


For more information, contact the Housing Development Team on the number below.