Report a breach of planning

If you think a development does not meet or keep to planning rules, you can report this to us and we will investigate. 

We will keep your details confidential and you will be notified of the outcome at the end of our process. 

We have created the below guidance to advise on our process for dealing with planning breaches and complaints. 

Our process

Our first check will be to find out if any permission is needed. We cannot take enforcement action when:

  • the work does not need planning permission
  • permission has been granted
  • planning law has not been broken

When work has been done without permission, we will try to negotiate a solution. When negotiations fail we will consider the benefit of taking enforcement action.

We don’t take enforcement action on all breaches of planning control. We assess the level of harm caused and whether the matter meets local and national planning policies. Formal action is taken when we decide a breach is serious enough to go ahead with enforcement.


If we issue you an enforcement notice, you have the right to an appeal. Appeals need to be made to the Secretary of State within the time limits set out in the notice.

Contact us

For general queries on planning enforcement use or to ask to see copies of any enforcement notices, please use the form below.