Car park restrictions

These restrictions apply unless you have permission from Parking Services or unless displayed differently in the car park:

  • all vehicles must be able to fit in the marked bays (maximum vehicle dimensions, not wheelbase)
  • no selling or commercial activity
  • no washing of vehicles
  • no transferring of fuel
  • no maintenance of any vehicle
  • no windscreen leaflet dropping (fly-posting)
  • no erection of stalls, or structures
  • all rubbish must be taken away or placed in the bins provided
  • no caravans, campers or motorhomes
  • no trailers
  • no open fires
  • no food preparation in any parking areas
  • any specific restrictions signed in the car park.


Coaches are not allowed in our car parks except:

  • Madeira
  • Locking Road – in the coach spaces allocated within the car park
  • Worle Diamond Batch – in marked areas only
  • Salthouse Fields – in the designated bays only
  • Marine Parade – coaches may use the coach lane for dropping off and picking up of passengers (20 minutes maximum wait)

Campers and motorhomes

No campers or motorhomes are allowed in our car parks except:

  • Salthouse Fields – authorisation required prior to visit, day parking only, no camping and no overnight stay
  • Weston-super-Mare beach - day parking only, no camping and no overnight stay
  • Marine parade - day parking only, no camping and no overnight stay, all bays used must be paid for

Goods vehicles

No goods vehicles over 3,500kgs are allowed in our car parks except in the coach spaces in the long stay area of Locking Road from 5pm-8am only.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles can park in dedicated signed EV bays while charging. Once charging has completed the vehicle must move to allow other users access. Please check notice boards at individual car parks for exceptions.

Height restrictions

  • Carlton Street – height restriction by barrier of 2.6m on level 1 and 2.1m for levels 1a and above
  • Melrose - height restriction by barrier of 2.1m
  • Worle Parkway Diamond Batch car park and Nailsea and Backwell station car park – height restriction by barrier of 2.1m in car park area
  • Sandbay bus terminus – height restriction 2.1m
  • Beach Road car park – height restriction 2.1m
  • Salthouse Fields – height restriction 2.1m
  • Hutton Moor – fixed height restriction 2.1m and barrier (deliveries and authorised vehicles may gain access through barrier by contacting the reception desk during centre opening hours). Telescopic bollards are raised when the centre is closed. Please ensure vehicle is removed before the times listed on the entry signage


  • no overnight sleeping is allowed in any of our car parks, except in the long stay area of Locking Road, in the coach spaces allocated within the car park (5pm to 8am only)
  • no overnight parking on Marine Parade or Weston beach – no access after dusk

Motorcycles (two wheels only)

  • motorcycles can park in dedicated M/C parking bays in some car parks free of charge. If a dedicated M/C bay is present and not used a valid P&D ticket must be purchased. If no M/C bay is present parking in any bay free of charge is permitted 
  • no motorcycle or any motorised vehicle fitted with handle bars are allowed on any beach car park

Smoking and vaping

No smoking or vaping in any area of the following car parks including open air sections:

  • Walliscote Grove Road East
  • Walliscote Grove Road West
  • Carlton Street Multi-storey car park

Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN)

A FPN may be issued for littering or smoking in these car park locations.

Other information

All vehicles must remain in a roadworthy condition including having a valid tax and MOT. SORN vehicles are not permitted and may be removed at the owners expense. 

Vehicles in breach of the conditions may be issued a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and any P&D tickets or permits will be cancelled with no refund offered.

There is a 10mph speed limit in all our car parks unless otherwise signed.

Drivers are liable for any damage they cause to parking bays, signage, kerbing or pay and display machines, including damage caused by fluids leaking from a vehicle.

North Somerset Council accepts no liability for the loss or damage to vehicles or other property left in any parking place. The council accepts no liability for injury occurring within any parking place except where such injury is attributable to the negligence of the council.

Dangerous or inappropriate driving behaviour will not be tolerated and a Civil Enforcement Officer may issue a FPN or ask the vehicle to leave.

All other restrictions for specific locations will be found on notices within the car park.

Some car parks may be closed from time to time and notices will be displayed with the relevant information.

CCTV operates at certain times within certain car parks.