Blue badges (disabled parking permits)

Who can get a blue badge?

Find out if you or the person you are applying for qualify for a blue badge

How to apply or renew

Find out how to apply for or renew a blue badge and what documents you might need

How and where to use a blue badge

Find out how to use a blue badge correctly, where you can use it and what time limits apply

Blue badges for organisations

Information for organisations who may need a blue badge to transport people with disabilities

Changing your blue badge details

How to change your name or address on your blue badge

Replace or return a blue badge

How to replace a lost, stolen or damaged badge, and return one that is no longer needed

Blue badge misuse

If you suspect a blue badge is being misused, you can report this to our team

Parking bays

If you qualify, you could apply to have an advisory disabled parking bay marked outside your property.