Rewilding champions

The 'rewilding champions' project was launched in 2022. It aimed to get local residents involved in assessing the impact rewilding has on biodiversity. Champions were provided with training on surveying techniques, where they gained valuable skills that encouraged them to love their local spaces.

The lottery funded project provided opportunities to get involved with surveys across North Somerset Council rewilded sites. These surveys looked at bees, butterflies, and other bugs, as well as flowers and grasses. Training was provided by Avon Wildlife Trust.

Project results

This training created our team of dedicated Rewilding Champions. Working with volunteers, they continue to help us monitor habitats and measure biodiversity across the area.

Champions also provide training to anyone else that would like to get involved.

Surveys carried out during the project showed that new habitats are having a positive effect on our local wildlife. In recently introduced areas of tall grass, we recorded an increase in species diversity and numbers. Not only did these numbers include more insects, but also showed a wider variation of plants.

You can find more information and training material on Avon Wildlife Trust’s website:

Heritage Lottery project summary report

Our report reviewing the Rewilding Champion Project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is now available to view. 

Rewilding video

A short video was produced to celebrate the project, which is now available on YouTube.

Get in touch

For enquiries about the project or our champions, please contact us via email.

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