Portishead Lake Grounds management plan

In 2021 we announced a £700k great lakes investment, with the funds to be spent between Weston Marine Lake, Clevedon Marine Lake, and Portishead Lake Grounds.

We are working in partnership with Portishead Town Council to deliver a shared vision for the Lake Grounds, which will sustain a regionally renowned park which is attractive, fun, safe, and biodiverse and that visitors of all ages can enjoy and be proud of.

In June 2021 a consultation was launched to understand more about what residents and visitors think of the park and where the funding should be prioritised. 

The consultation asked:

  • how and when you use the Lake Grounds
  • whether you agree with the proposed vision and aims
  • what you like and don’t like in the Lake Grounds
  • what you think needs investment
  • what you think about community involvement and volunteering
  • which income generating ideas you would support

The overall feeling about the Lake Grounds, 72% rated it as either very good (19%) or good (53%), with 17% being neutral. However, it did highlight areas that were in need or investment and improvement.

Priorities to the local community for investment were:

  • dredging the lake
  • improving toilet facilities
  • improving the play area
  • rewilding part of the lake
  • family fun facilities
  • new restaurant with views
  • replace café/restaurant
  • add biodiversity
  • improve seating and shelters
  • more/different food concessions
  • add quiet areas
  • improve accessibility
  • introduce colourful plants

You can still access the consultation webpage and supporting documents online.

The consultation results were combined with significant improvements identified by us and Portishead Town Council, to create a five-year management plan for the lake grounds. This outlines the priorities and objectives for lake grounds for 2022 through to 2027.

The management plan is a working document and will be updated through its term, it will be reviewed at the end of the five years.