Be weather ready

While we have emergency plans in place to deal with flooding, bad weather can’t be avoided.

However, you can minimise potential disruption by following some simple advice.

  • W – watch and be aware. Keep reading local weather forecasts, our social media feeds and this website for updates if our services are affected.
  • E – expect us to be busy. Our officers will be working round the clock but can’t be everywhere. Flooding on high speed roads, residential areas and in the living areas of homes will be prioritised.
  • A – allow extra time to travel. Roads may be busier than usual. If the weather’s really bad ask yourself if the journey is necessary.
  • T – take action before bad weather hits. Prepare your property, clear gutters regularly, secure any items that might get blown around and trim any trees that could fall on your property or block gullies or drains (check with us first for any consent you might need before trimming trees)
  • H – have the right cover. Consider the type and level of insurance cover you need. Keep the details somewhere safe and handy.
  • E – emergency plan. Know where you’d go if you had to leave your home and how you’d get there. Prepare a grab bag of essential items you can pick up in a hurry.
  • R – remove leaves from gullies if it’s safe to do so. Often the road gully itself is clear but water can’t drain away because there’s a pile of leaves on top. Clear the leaves away. If the gully still doesn’t clear, report it to us.

If you see flooding on the road or a blocked gully report it to us online. This allows the information to go straight to the relevant team and makes sure they have the information they need to try and resolve the issue.

In the case of an emergency or if there is danger to life, always call 999.

Energy Networks Association

The Energy Networks Association, which represents gas and electricity network operators, has launched a winter campaign.

The aim is to make sure communities across the UK are ready for winter. Visit their website for more information.