Garden waste service

From February 2024, we are changing the collection day for most garden waste customers. This means that your garden waste may be collected on a different day to your recycling and waste.

All customers will be contacted by Friday 9 February with confirmation of their new garden waste collection day. 

The collection dates in January will not change. You can check your collection dates by using our calendar.

You can read more about this in our garden waste collection day changing press release.

You can sign up to have garden waste collected from your property. It’s an annual, chargeable service which runs from April through to March the following year.  

Not all households in North Somerset need a garden waste collection, so it’s fairer for everyone if we charge for this separately.

The cost to sign up

The garden waste service is currently closed for new subscriptions. This is because the current garden waste service year will end on Friday 29 March 2024. Please do not contact us as we are not currently accepting renewals or new customers. 

Renewing customers

We will write to all renewing customers by the middle of March to invite them to renew their subscription for 2024-25. Customers who have provided an email address will receive an email. Those who signed up without providing an email address will receive a letter in the post.

New customers

If you aren't currently registered for garden waste collections, you can sign up online from the middle of March onwards.

Until then, you can take your garden waste to one of our recycling centres free of charge. Please check the opening times before travelling. You can also compost your garden waste at home.


You can use the online calendar to check when we will collect your garden waste.

Collection days

Garden waste is collected fortnightly for most of the year. During December, January and February there is a monthly collection as less garden waste is produced during the winter.

The service does not operate for a period around Christmas. This is so we can support increased festive recycling and waste collections during that time. The frequency of collections can occasionally change due to disruption.

To keep up to date with live information, follow us on social media.

If you move house

If you move house within North Somerset, you can transfer your subscription to your new address at no additional extra cost.

We will transfer your subscription to your new address within 25 working days.

  • you must take your garden waste containers with you when you move
  • a replacement permit with your new address will be sent in the post

We reserve the right to change your container type to suit your new property, if needed.

We do not offer refunds if you move out of the area or no longer use the service in your new home. More information about refunds can be found in our terms and conditions.

If you don't want to sign up

If you don’t want to sign up to the garden waste service, find out how to compost garden waste at home. Composting is the most environmentally sustainable way to dispose of garden waste and will help us to reduce our carbon emissions.

You can also use one of our three recycling centres. There is no charge to dispose of garden waste at the recycling centres.

Unwanted garden waste bins

We will collect any unwanted garden waste bins. To arrange this, please click on the link below to complete the form.

Unwanted bins should be left in an accessible place for the crew to collect. We will collect the bins within 28 working days.

We don’t collect unwanted garden waste sacks. Please reuse them or dispose of them responsibly by taking them to a recycling centre.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you can email There are other ways to contact us if you don't have access to email.