Wellness service

The Wellness service offers wellbeing telephone calls to people in need. It covers the whole of the North Somerset area.

The Wellness service aims to help improve and sustain the physical and mental wellbeing of people across North Somerset. It allows them to remain as independent as possible in their own home and communities.

The service is provided by Access Your Care in partnership with North Somerset Council.

How we support people

Our service helps to support people by:

  • checking that they are safe and secure
  • maintaining their independence in the community
  • offering a degree of brief social contact
  • signposting them to wider community resources, where appropriate
  • considering how Technology can be utilised

Different types of support

We can offer you the following types of support:

  • regular telephone support
  • technology enabled care
  • A subscription to our Care Link service - free for 3 months (this is determined on a case by case basis)

Who can use the service

You are welcome to sign up to the service if you meet the following guidelines: 

  • must be a North Somerset resident
  • must be able to talk on the phone, video call, or respond to text
  • people who have recently returned from hospital
  • people who are caring for someone else
  • people recently bereaved
  • people with physical or minor mental health conditions that are at risk of deterioration
    • please note this does not include those with severe and enduring mental health

The service is free to residents of North Somerset over the age of 18. 

Reasons to consider using the service

You may want to reach out to us if you experience any of the following: 

  • you are socially isolated and lonely
  • you are waiting for care
  • you are a frequent caller to services
  • you are in need of follow up following professional intervention
  • you are an vulnerable informal carer

How to sign up

To register for the service, you will need to make a referral. You can do this one of two ways: 

  • online - visit the Access Your Care website to fill out the wellness referral form. The team will then ring you to go through a quick assessment and get you set up to receive calls. 
  • via phone - call the team directly to make a referral. One of the team members will fill out the assessment form for you on the call. 
Access Your Care wellness team