Occupational therapy

If you have a disability, and experience practical difficulties, occupational therapists can work with you to find ways of managing everyday tasks.

Occupational therapists can:

  • assess your, and your carer’s difficulties carrying out everyday living tasks
  • advise on different ways to manage activities
  • advise carers on manual-handling
  • loan essential equipment to help day-to-day living
  • help with minor adaptations to your home
  • recommend major adaptations to your home

There is no charge for the initial assessment, but you will need a financial assessment for some services and may have to pay all or part of the cost.

Talk to your doctor if you need a wheelchair, walking aid, or any specialist nursing equipment. If you have recently been discharged from hospital you should have seen an occupational therapist, if not contact the hospital.

You can try out lots of equipment and assistive technology to make your daily life easier at our equipment and demonstration centre at The Motex Centre in Weston-super-Mare.