The Carelink system is activated by pressing the button on the unit, pendant or wrist watch which connects to our monitoring centre. You do not need to be near a telephone to speak to us. If you press the button by accident, tell our friendly operator you are OK and they will reset your Carelink.

If you can’t speak we make sure someone you trust checks that you are OK – you’ll need to give the name of someone to contact in an emergency when you sign up for Carelink. If you don’t have anyone living locally that can check on you in this situation, Response24 can help.


This is a 24-hour emergency response service available through Carelink at no extra cost.

If you don’t have anyone living locally who we can contact in an emergency, we contact Response24 instead, who will send someone to help. You need a keysafe installed as Response24 don’t keep keys to your property.

The service fits around your needs and can provide emergency care, welfare checks and support after a fall. This can be a long-term arrangement, or just for a short period if your usual contact is on holiday.


Carelink is connected by experienced installers by appointment. All you need is a standard telephone socket and a spare power socket on the same wall. The system will not affect your normal telephone. It only takes a few minutes to install but we will need time to explain how it works and complete the paperwork.