Our visual identity

We’re refreshing our visual corporate identity so you might notice an updated council logo beginning to appear on information you receive from us.

Our in-house graphics team have updated the dragon logo and the look and feel of graphics that appear on our print and digital designs.


The existing red and green logo - which has been with us since North Somerset Council was formed in 1996 - is being replaced by a simpler version. We haven’t radically changed the logo or overall look – this is about evolution rather than revolution so that the new look can sit alongside the old.

The new logo will only be used when we need to update and replace items - it wouldn’t be a good use of public money to replace items unnecessarily. This means it will be a very gradual process and items such as signs will be updated and replaced only when they need to be.

So for months, and probably years, you’ll continue to see the old red and green logo alongside our new, cleaner version.

No outside consultants have been employed for this redesign work; it’s all been done by our own designers in-between their other council design assignments.