Community right to challenge

The community right to challenge allows voluntary and community groups to send us an expression of interest to run our services.

Groups can be charities, parish councils, or our own employees.

Challenges apply to the majority of services we provide – or are provided for us – and expressions of interests can be made for entire services or specific parts of a service.

Within 30 days of receiving an expression of interest we will tell you how quickly a decision will be made.

If an expression of interest is rejected we will explain why. If it is accepted, a procurement exercise will take place and the organisation that put forward the expression of interest will be invited to take part.

Tenders are advertised and will include a specification for the service we want and criteria on how tenders will be assessed. Strict EU and national guidelines are followed to make sure tenders are evaluated fairly and impartially.

We expect successful bidders to run contracted services as specified.

community right to challenge enquiries