Disabled Access Group

Come and join us at our next Disabled Access Café event on 14 June, 10:30AM to 12PM.

It will be held at We Are Super, the Sovereign Centre, High Street, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1HL

The Disabled Access Group (DAG) brings together volunteers with a wide range of hidden or visible disabilities and of different ages. We welcome members from across North Somerset.

What we do

Over the past 15 years, DAG has proved to be a valuable partner to the council. We regularly meet and get involved in the development of key plans and strategies. We aim to represent as many views and lived experiences as possible in our consultations.

The group also provides feedback directly to council officers on a wide range of projects. We take part in a variety of consultations around access to services and the built and natural environment.

Recently, group members have engaged in consultations on

  • health
  • planning
  • transport
  • buses
  • taxi licensing
  • parking
  • libraries
  • communications
  • place

DAG also connects with other local support groups and organisations, such as

Hearing first-hand about what matters to people allows the council to make better decisions. This will benefit everyone in our community, especially those with a variety of needs.

We are proud to share that Steve Ledbrook, Chair of the Disabled Access Group, is also the Southwest Muscle Group Chair.

His story has recently been published on the Muscular Dystrophy website. 

Read more about Steve's work as the Southwest Muscle Group Chair

Disabled access café

Last year, Steve Ledbrook, Chair of Disabled Access Group, launched a series of successful pilot sessions for disabled residents in different towns. The café is designed as an informal meeting space for disabled residents to network, offer peer support, and discuss access matters related to the community where they live.

Steve is now planning to continue organising regular sessions in Nailsea and Weston-super-Mare.

The meetings will take place on a Friday, in person, every other month.

Steve hopes this will become a regular hub in as many towns as possible. The goal is that they will run independently and become a network across North Somerset.

To join, please contact us via email. 

How to join DAG

We are keen to attract more members to get a better representation across a wide range of disabilities. We are inviting anyone with a hidden or visible disability to join.

For more information and details on how to join, contact the council's Inclusion and Corporate Development team via email, or phone during working hours.