CCTV privacy impact assessments

CCTV throughout North Somerset undergoes an annual privacy impact assessment. The assessment makes sure that CCTV systems are being operated in accordance with the current legislation surrounding data protection. We also make sure they remain fit for the original purpose for which they were installed.

2021 assessment

A Data Protection Privacy Assessment on all public space surveillance cameras was carried out on 11 November 2021.

The assessment determined that:

  • All public space CCTV cameras were fulfilling their original purpose and as detailed in the CCTV System Code of Practice.

CCTV did not receive any complaints between the last assessment and 11 November 2021.

The CCTV system has been awarded the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s accreditation which demonstrates compliance with good practice and legislation.

 View the CCTV System Code of Practice online on our Code of practice- CCTV webpage, or in hard copy in libraries or on request.

Viewing assessments

Full details of the assessments can be viewed on request.

CCTV control room manager