Contract opportunities

We advertise our contract opportunities and run tendering processes on the Supplying the South West website.

Visit our page below to view our contracts register, which shows the type of contracts we have previously let, and their expiry dates.

Contact us for more information about concession opportunities in our seafronts, parks and open spaces locations at

For any other queries around procurement and contract opportunities, contact

Getting notice in advance of upcoming opportunities

Decision notices

Suppliers can get notice in advance of our contract opportunities by checking our decision notices. These notices are published on our website and are prepared for potential contracts with a total value of £100,000 or above. Commissioners have to create a commissioning plan which is approved by the appropriate manager.

Commissioning plans with a value of £500,000 and above are published on our executive member decision pages.

This means suppliers can read these before pursuing any procurement route.

Decision notices include a variety of strategic reports, such as:

  • commissioning plans
  • contract award reports
  • consultations
  • policies 

Suppliers will need to identify which of these reports will be relevant.

Dynamic purchasing systems

We also have various dynamic purchasing systems running – sometimes referred to as open frameworks – which suppliers can apply to join.

A conventional framework is like a preferred supplier list for a specified good or service. It is only open for suppliers to apply for a specific length of time and closes off to any new entries once in use.

A dynamic purchasing system is the same as a conventional framework. However, it is open for suppliers to join at any time.

These opportunities can be found on the Supplying the South West Portal.