We have been undertaking survey works and technical investigations to help design the Banwell bypass.

To date, surveys have helped us better understand

  • the local landscape
  • local wildlife
  • the way people use the roads
  • the ways people get around.

They have also helped us develop measures to reduce possible impacts of the bypass. 

We are continuing to complete surveys in the local area as we begin detailed design of the Banwell bypass.

The timeline for our upcoming surveys is now available. 

Type of survey survey dates
Bat survey: roost inspections May 2023
Bat survey: local bat activity May to July 2023
Bat survey: tree climbing survey March to June 2023
Bat survey: crossing points April to October 2023
Badger surveys February to April 2023
Otter surveys September and October 2023
Archaeological field surveys  September to October 2023