Facts and figures

  • Banwell has suffered long standing impacts of traffic congestion for generations. The long-awaited bypass will reduce traffic through the village by up to 78% (in opening year). It will make the roads safer, air cleaner and the village quieter. It will also improve access for people travelling all across North Somerset.
  • When it opens, the bypass is projected to reduce eastbound morning rush hour journey times by 7 minutes. This is along the route between the A371 Summer Lane and A368 Towerhead.
  • We expect that the new bypass will increase the number of vehicles travelling through the area at peak times. However, we plan to make improvements to traffic management and traffic flow to help reduce any negative impacts.
  • We have developed measures to reduce the impact of increased traffic. This includes
    • keeping traffic moving at steady speeds to reduce congestion and cut emissions from idling
    • introducing safer 20mph zones in key pedestrian areas
    • traffic calming measures so drivers know when to check their speed
  • We’re also providing miles of shared use path for walkers, cyclists, and horse-riders, so that residents can feel confident getting around. Once complete, you will be able to safely travel from Weston-super-Mare to Sandford by foot, bike, or in the saddle. This will offer our communities the opportunity for greener travel, improving the future of North Somerset
  • The scheme will also it will also provide nine new pedestrian crossings in nearby villages
  • We will also be linking up with the Strawberry Line, creating better connectivity for our walkers, cyclists and horse riders

Local issues and answers

Check our local issues webpage for more information regarding concerns around the project, issues affecting the local community, and answers to key project questions.