Relevant protected sites

A relevant protected site is a site with planning permission for people to live there all year.

A holiday site isn't a relevant protected site but a mixed use site can be. Exemptions apply to family sites that are not run for financial gain.

Site rules

Protected sites can have site rules but they don't have to. If a site owner wants to introduce, remove or vary site rules, they must follow the correct procedure.

We must publish a register of any site rules made for protected sites in our area.

Please complete and return the form to submit site rules for publication.

How to submit site rules

To submit site rules to us for publication, please complete and return your application form to the Private Rented Housing team.

You will need to include: 

  • a copy of the site rules
  • the relevant fee
Private Rented Housing team





Fit and proper test for managers

All protected sites operated on a commercial basis must be managed by a fit and proper person. We must publish a register of fit and proper persons for protected sites in our district.

Applicants will have to provide evidence of

  • financial and management arrangements
  • information relating to their conduct.

There is an application fee for entry onto the register, which can last for up to five years. Details of the current fit and proper application fees are in the provided documents.

Please contact Private Rented Housing for further information or an application form.

Further information

Resident complaints

We can investigate complaints such as a safety issue or general management concerns.

To report a problem or make a complaint, please contact the Private Rented Housing team.

LEASE Park Home Advisory Service offer free, independent legal advice on contractual issues. LEASE is Government funded and offers advice to residents and site owners of residential mobile home sites.

LEASE Park Home Advisory Service