Hardship relief

Hardship relief can be granted when you can show:

  • the business would suffer hardship, or cease to trade, if relief was not granted
  • it is in the interests of council tax payers for relief to be granted

We do not have the power to write off business rates for financial hardship. Relief is only granted for a period in the current financial year and is subject to review. As a discretionary power, there is no formal appeal process against our decision.

Applications need to be supported by current trading figures and audited accounts or accounts accepted by HM Revenues and Customs. We also consider employment issues for your business and the impact that the loss of your business would have on the local area.

Continue to pay your business rates while your application is being considered. If you do not pay or fall into arrears, we will start legal proceedings. You may wish to get advice from independent organisations offering debt advice.