Business rates data

The council has previously published a large amount of information in relation to Business Rates. We did this to:

  • increase transparency and accountability
  • respond quickly to large amounts of Freedom of Information requests for this data

In light of Information Tribunal and Information Commissioner decisions, we have had to review how we publish this information.

Please refer to the following decisions for more information: 

  • Appeal decision of the Information Rights first-tier tribunal - appeal reference number EA/2018/0033
  • Information Rights first-tier tribunal – appeal reference number EA/2018/0055

In these cases the Tribunal found that some business rates information engaged the exemptions at section 31, 40(2) and 41 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  

We have considered these exemptions when reviewing the following categories of data held by North Somerset Council:

  • business name
  • correspondence address
  • liability start date
  • empty property relief (either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ - this information will not be included where it relates to individuals, sole traders, or partnerships.)
  • empty property relief start date
  • empty property exemption (either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’)
  • empty property exemption start date
  • all information relating to reliefs
  • any credits or write-ons

As a result, we have taken the decision to stop publishing this information.

Valuation Office data

Please note that the following information is already available in the public domain via the Valuation Office:

  • property reference
  • description of the property (e.g. ‘hall and premises’ ‘store and premises')
  • property address (with any personal data removed)
  • current rateable value
  • current rateable value effective date