Residents urged to sort their recycling

11:17am - 18 July 2022

Residents are being urged to help recycling crews in the extreme heat by correctly sorting their recycling and placing it out earlier than normal.

The Met Office has issued an amber weather warning for extreme heat until the end of tomorrow (Tuesday 19 July)

Recycling and waste crews will be starting from 6am to make the most of the cooler conditions so containers need to be put out earlier than usual on collection days.

Residents are being asked to help by making sure their recycling is well-sorted, so crews don’t have to spend time sorting at the kerbside. It only takes 20 seconds to collect a well sorted box but up to two minutes for a box that is mixed.  Well sorted boxes will save the crew time standing on the hot pavement and will also help them to complete their rounds before it gets too hot. 

Crews all have sun cream, sun hats and may finish early if necessary. Any unfinished routes will be returned to the following day. 

North Somerset’s three recycling centres (located in Backwell, Portishead and Weston-super-Mare) are open as normal. 

Cllr Mike Solomon, North Somerset Council’s executive member for neighbourhoods and community services, said: “Our crews do a fantastic job and it isn’t always an easy job working outside in extreme weather conditions. 

"Over this extremely hot period please do think about the crew and help them where possible. Please make sure your recycling boxes are sorted so that plastic and metal are in one box with paper separated down one end and in your other box glass is separated from cardboard and cartons.’’     For the latest updates, please visit the council's website and the Recycling and Waste Team’s social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter