New consultation to be launched for Local Plan


North Somerset Council is undertaking another round of consultation on its draft Local Plan. This is set to take place during the summer. 

The council began preparing a new Local Plan for North Somerset in 2020. This document identifies where development can and cannot take place in the area, and guides investment for new housing, jobs, transport and community facilities in North Somerset over the next 15 years.

The plan has been shaped by the responses received during four phases of public consultation between 2020 and 2024. 

During consultation, the government published changes to national planning guidance which impacts how local plans are assessed in relation to the housing requirement and approach to the use of Green Belt. 

Due to these changes, the council has set a housing target of 14,902 homes over the plan period. This figure is lower than the government’s standard method target calculation for the area, but has been calculated as the amount of housing required to meet the needs of the area’s growing population.

Having carefully considered the options, along with the responses received, the council has decided to repeat the last six-week consultation phase. By doing this, the Local Plan can then be assessed by an independent examiner against the new guidance.

Ahead of the consultation’s launch in the summer, North Somerset Council’s Executive committee will meet in June to consider a revised version of the Local Plan that incorporates the latest feedback.

Councillor Mark Canniford, North Somerset Council’s executive member for spatial planning, placemaking and economy, said: “Since 2020 we’ve been working hard to create a Local Plan that reflects the needs of our communities. We remain committed to adopting this as soon as possible. 

“By rerunning the last consultation phase, we can hear from the public again and make sure the Local Plan is assessed against the latest national policy position. Getting the views of the local community has been hugely important in shaping the plan, and I’d like to thank everyone who has had their say so far.

“While the delay is unfortunate, it does give us the opportunity to take people’s feedback on board from the last consultation phase and make further adjustments to the Local Plan.”