New 10 bus service introduced from September


North Somerset Council is pleased to announce that a replacement bus service for the residents of Hutton and Uphill will be introduced from 3 September 2023 thanks to funding received from the Department for Transport to improve bus services in the area. 

As part of North Somerset Council's Bus Service Improvement Plan, the number 10 service will run hourly from Hutton between the hours of 10:15 until 15:12, providing five return trips a day during the week. The service will go via Uphill Hospital, Uphill Village and along Weston-super-Mare sea front to the bus interchange, running every weekday, except public holidays.

The council, in partnership with Somerset Council, have been trying to secure a contractor to deliver a replacement for the 126 bus service from Wells to Weston-super-Mare. This service had been intended to run from the autumn and include Hutton and Uphill as part of the route. Unfortunately, the tender process has not yet been successful and there would have been a gap in the Weston-super-Mare town network that would have left Hutton and parts of Uphill village unserved.  

North Somerset Council worked quickly to ensure that residents would continue to have a bus service despite challenges securing a contractor. This supported bus service will ensure that key areas, such as the hospital, are easily accessible which reflects the main demands of users in this area.  

The areas affected will also have access to the on-demand bus service, WESTlink, and the number 7 and 20 services will also be available from the hospital grounds.  

Cllr Hannah Young, North Somerset Council's executive member responsible for transport said:  

“It’s great that North Somerset Council were able to act so quickly to ensure that residents of Hutton and Uphill aren’t left without a service during the uncertainty of the tender process. Thanks to the government’s £2 fare offer and free bus travel in your birthday month across the West of England area, the bus is both an attractive and cheap alternative to the car. We hope that residents will make the most of the number 10 service as well as these offers whilst available and discover new ways of commuting or travelling to attractions.”  

For more information about North Somerset Council’s Bus Services Improvement Plan, please visit