Changes to Clevedon seafront to be considered


Changes to The Beach in Clevedon are to be considered at a meeting of North Somerset Council's executive on Wednesday 27 March.

The proposals follow an independent review of the Clevedon Seafront and Hill Road Public Realm scheme which was commissioned by the council after public concerns around safety and accessibility.

Consultants AECOM completed a technical review of the scheme following extensive consultation with residents, businesses and stakeholders. Their report supported improvements made to Hill Road and the new one-way system but suggested changes to The Beach.

The council's executive will consider whether to progress with and fund up to £425,000 of changes to The Beach including the:

  • Re-introduction of sea facing parking
  • Retention of the one-way system with a contraflow cycle lane
  • Removal of the two-way cycle path and wavy line
  • Installation of loading bays and a coach drop off point
  • Adjustment of the roundabout to provide a standard mini roundabout
  • Improved pedestrian crossing points
  • Introduction of vehicular access to the Promenade for boats and ice cream van
  • Repositioning of planters
  • Improved lineage and signage to support the one-way system.

Further consultation with key stakeholders and businesses on the Beach has taken place in January and February and this feedback has been built into the proposals. Clevedon councillors have also been involved in the process.

Cllr Hannah Young, North Somerset Council's executive member with responsibility for highways said the council had listened to the local community, acknowledged the findings of the AECOM review and responded by drawing up proposed changes to The Beach.

"These changes support the findings of the independent review which was commissioned following concerns from residents and businesses in the town.

" We have listened to the community and the consultants and we plan to reinstate the sea facing parking, remove the two-way cycle path and move and enlarge the roundabout.

"Funding these changes is going to be a huge challenge in our current financial climate but we are committed to completing the work as soon as possible with minimal impact on the businesses in the area."

"The Council tries hard to respond to community concerns and balances the different priorities it faces across towns and parishes. Clevedon seafront has been a key priority for the Clevedon community. The changes proposed are a priority because they focus on safety or addressing disability access issues.

If they are agreed by the Council’s Executive next week, I’m committed to continue to engage with local people to finalise the plans and plan implementation.”

If agreed, the cost of the changes will be met from a variety of funding streams including council reserves, residual funding from the allocation towards the Great Lakes project in Clevedon, Section 106 money from developers and Local Transport Plan funding.

Other external funding sources have been reviewed but discounted.

If approved, subject to final design sign off and availability of the council's highway contractors, work could start in the autumn with possible completion before the end of 2024.