Types of noise nuisance

Noise can become a nuisance depending on:

  • how often the noise occurs
  • how loud it is
  • the time of day
  • the nature of the area – rural, residential etc
  • whether or not the sound has a particularly irritating characteristic – high pitched, heavy bass etc

Just because you own your own home, or are privately renting, it doesn’t mean that you can be as noisy as you like. The law applies to all types of accommodation and includes businesses and vehicles.

Simple steps you can take to limit noise nuisance include:

  • giving neighbours plenty of notice when you plan to throw a party
  • limiting the number of parties or loud get-togethers you hold – most neighbours will tolerate one or two loud parties a year, but more could become unreasonable
  • limiting the bass component of music, TV or games systems
  • mounting TVs and speakers onto rubber mats
  • keeping noisy devices such as speakers and washing machines away from adjoining walls
  • keeping windows and doors closed
  • using headphones
  • ensuring that others living in or using the property follow the same guidelines

If we receive a noise complaint, we are compelled to investigate. We take these complaints seriously and we may use monitoring and recording equipment to gather evidence. We will write to you and will be able to give advice and assistance to help you avoid any further action.