Suicide prevention

If you need help or you are worried about someone you know visit the Mental Foundations website for a list of support services. 

In England one person dies every two hours as a result of suicide. In 2021, there were 5,583 suicides registered in England and Wales. The effect of a death resulting from suicide on family and friends is devastating. 

Not all suicides are inevitable. Suicide can be the end point of a complex history of risk factors and distressing events, and action to prevent suicide has to address this. 

Suicide prevention strategy

The national suicide prevention strategy was first published in 2012. It aims to reduce suicide rates in the general population and better support those bereaved or affected by suicide. As part of the national strategy it is a requirement that all local authorities should have a multi-agency suicide prevention and self harm plan in place.

Monthly support for those affected by suicide

If you or someone you know has been impacted by suicide, you can join our monthly peer support group. To join or find out more contact Pete's Dragons.