Customer services dashboard

Contact centres

We have three contact centres:

  • Council Connect – for queries and reports for services such as waste collections, potholes, fly-tipping and streetlights
  • Care Connect – for adult and children’s social services
  • Council Tax and benefits – for Council Tax, benefits and the Welfare Provision Scheme

This dashboard shows the number of calls made to the three contact centres, the number of calls answered, the percentage of calls not answered and the average wait time.

The data can be looked at for the whole year, or by month by selecting the drop down. The data will be updated after the end of every month.


This dashboard also shows you how our website is performing. You can see up to three months of data and you can customise your date range by moving the sliders at the top of the dashboard. 

The Page Data tab focuses on the subjects our users are interacting with. The User Insight tab focuses on our users and the Referrals tab shows information about user journeys

The dashboard is still in development, so some of the search information is subject to change.