North Somerset placemaking


The Super Weston placemaking strategy aims to transform spaces in the town into vibrant engaging places that encourage a sense of community, connection and wellbeing.

Placemaking involves a collaborative process that integrates identity, culture and aspirations to create environments that people have a strong attachment to.

The aim of Placemaking is to turn public spaces and urban areas into lively inclusive hubs for social interaction, cultural expression and shared experiences that can contribute to the overall quality of life for everyone. It does this by incorporating elements such as:

  • architecture
  • landscaping
  • public art
  • design
  • inclusive programming

Heritage Action Zones

Heritage Action Zones were created in Weston-super-Mare thanks to over £2m investment from Historic England

Levelling Up Fund

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Placemaking and culture

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Living fences

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Super Weston

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