Libraries increase eBook and eAudio stock

4:28pm - 12 August 2021

From Monday (16 August) library users in North Somerset will be able to download eBooks and eAudio books from the same app and website.  

From that date thousands of eBooks and eAudio books will be available in one place so library members will only need to log on to a single app or website to search for, checkout and download both  formats.

Library members who listen to eAudio books will already be familiar with the Borrow Box app, and they will soon have access to eBooks on the same app.

Borrow Box is the UK's most popular platform for borrowing eBooks and eAudio books and has the widest range of content. You can download, read and listen on your phone, tablet or home computer, and access the service 24/7.

Borrow Box is replacing the current Cloud Library eBook service, so from Monday you will need to download the Borrow Box app to continue to read eBooks from North Somerset libraries. 

You will be able to finish reading any eBooks you have downloaded, but any reservations you have will need to be reserved again on Borrow Box.