Council asks to hear from residents on new neighbourhood vision

1:14pm - 18 November 2021

As part of a changing era for town centres, North Somerset Council is asking to hear from residents, visitors and businesses on a new vision planned around residential streets across Weston’s town centre. 

The new proposals, covering between Alfred Street, Ashcombe Road, Locking Road and Gerard/Milton Road, will look at: 

  • Reducing traffic speeds, for safer streets 
  • Introducing parking measures, offering better resident access 
  • Improvements for greener streets, with better walking and cycling routes 

The proposals will form part of a public engagement programme, which will include local events and digital feedback options running from November 2021 to March 2022.

Mike Solomon, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Services at North Somerset Council, said: “The way that people are using town centres is changing and we need our streets and neighbourhoods to reflect this. This is an opportunity for residents and businesses to shape how town centre residential streets look and what we can do to make Weston a better place to live.” 

The series of engagement events include:  

Reclaim Your Street - outside events providing residents the chance to inform officers on local issues 

  • Sat 20th Nov '21 - on Stafford Road, section near Baker Street 
  • Tue 23 Nov ’21 - at junction of George street and Baker Street 

Planning for Real - indoor events giving a first look at design ideas and allowing public feedback 

  • Sat 15 Jan ’22 - at Christchurch Primary School, Baker Street 
  • Sat 22 Jan ’22 - Christchurch Primary School, Baker Street   

Design Proposal Consultation - view and comment on the design proposal which residents will have helped create 

To find out more information, or to share your feedback, email ‘Weston Central’ to: