Additional parking introduced to Weston town centre

9:10am - 26 August 2021

Additional parking has been made available for visitors and residents in Weston town centre. Dolphin Square will now offer temporary car parking for up to 200 parking spaces, and Locking Road car park will be offering 24 hr parking available. 

The two sites, currently owned by Homes England, will be used as overflow car parking, to allow parking during high volume events and holidays.

Dolphin Square car park, opening Saturday 28 August, will:

  • be used as a temporary, overflow car park
  • offer varying opening times, depending on need
  • not offer overnight parking. Those wishing to stay longer can use the same ticket for the beach or Marine Parade
  • have an entrance next to the Premier Inn on Carlton Street, exiting onto Beach Road

Other parking will be available including the seafront, the Sovereign Centre near the high street, Marine Parade and on street parking.

Cllr Solomon, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Services, said: “The Dolphin Square parking will be in place to accommodate the larger events that will be running over the next twelve months. As part of the council’s ten-year Placemaking Strategy, other meanwhile use projects will also be put in place on the site, with the longer-term plan for the site to be developed for high quality, modern housing.”

Meanwhile use refers to the short-term use of vacant land or buildings, seeking out opportunities that will bring a positive return during a window of opportunity, before site or building's longer term commercial plans come into fruition.