How to use our maps

Location search

To look for a location enter the full or part of an address into the location search bar. The more you type in the more refined the search will be.

When you type in the information the map will suggest a number of locations. Once you select one of the search results the map will automatically zoom in on that location.


Map legend

 Some of our maps have a legend which displays the   information you can view on the map.

In order to access the legend on a mobile device, click the legend button.

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This will display all of the data that is available on the map. You can then use the tick boxes to turn data on and off.

Once data is visible on the map, you can click on it to reveal more information at that location. This will be displayed in a pop up box.

Map window

As well as using the location search to find a site on the map, you can also pan around and zoom in yourself.

To zoom in and out you can use the scroll function on your mouse, phone or tablet, or you can use the plus and minus buttons in the top left hand corner of the map.

To pan around a map you can click and drag or you can use the compass icon in the top left hand corner.