2021-22 admission arrangements and policies

The determined admission arrangements for a school are the arrangements that set out how a school allocates places.

We set the determined admission arrangements for all schools for which we are the admission authority, that is community and voluntary controlled schools.

For academies (including free schools), foundation schools and voluntary-aided schools, each school governing body or Academy Trust is their own admission authority and are responsible for determining their own admission arrangements.

The area we have to consult with schools about their proposed admissions arrangements before they are finalised is called the relevant area. We have to publish the relevant area(s) for admission policy consultations.

We are also responsible for determining the coordinated schemes that are used to administer the admissions process.

Primary schools

The following primary schools will be covered by the below admissions arrangements for North Somerset community and voluntary controlled schools document. 

  • Banwell Primary
  • Churchill C of E Primary
  • Golden Valley Primary
  • Kewstoke Primary
  • Sandford Primary
  • St Andrew’s C of E Primary
  • Uphill Primary
  • Winscombe Primary
  • Wrington C of E Primary