Pre-submission validity check

Before you send us an application, we can check it to make sure all the correct information and documents have been included. 

You will need to upload copies of all the information that you would submit to us normally when submitting a formal planning application.

For example, you should attach:

  • copies of the completed application form
  • all plans and drawings
  • any other supporting documents that are required by our validation check list

What happens next

We will review what you have submitted and tell you what, if any, extra information is needed and how much the fee will be to send us the final application. 

We charge £80 for this service and aim to reply within 10 working days.

Our reply will only cover issues relating to the validity of your proposal for registration purposes. If you want advice about whether planning permission is required or what we might grant permission for, you will need to submit separate requests.

Additional services and information