Supporting plans and drawings

Detailed drawings and plans are the most important part of a planning application. They should include all the information needed to enable us to understand what you plan to do.

An application will not usually be registered unless the plans and drawings meet the standards set out in our drawing standards, which have been agreed in partnership with Bristol City Council and Bath and North East Somerset Council.

All plans and drawings must show a scale bar or a measured dimension.

For an overview of the plans and drawings covered below, please see our drawing standards page.

Plans and drawings

In addition to the above, we have also created the following online guidance for plans and drawings:

Elevations – needed for all applications that involve the erection of new buildings, structures, extensions, external alterations and advertisements

Floor plans – needed for all new buildings, extensions to existing buildings, and proposals for a change of use.

  • Existing floor plans are needed for:
    • extensions to an existing building (except for domestic extensions that are located outside of the Green Belt and where the applicant has submitted a not to scale sketch showing the use of each room in the existing building)
    • replacement residential buildings (for example, the replacement of an existing residential unit with one or more new residential units)
    • replacement non-residential buildings within the Green Belt
    • proposals for a change of use

Joinery drawings

  • planning permission – needed to install new windows or external doors, or replace existing ones at a building that has heritage value and which is located within a conservation area
  • listed building consent – needed to install new windows or doors, replace existing ones or for internal joinery works

Landscape plans 

  • needed for proposals with works that would affect trees or hedges within, or adjoining to, the application site 
  • needed for proposals that involve extensive new planting (unless the existing trees and hedges and any replacement planting are clearly shown on the site layout plan)

Parking plan –  can be included with the site layout plan

  • required for development proposals that:
    • propose new or altered parking arrangements
    • increase the demand for parking as set out within the council’s adopted parking standards

Roof plans – needed for major or complex roof alterations​

Sections and levels 

  • needed for new buildings or extensions
    • on significantly sloping or uneven land
    • adjacent to land at a different level
    • where significant changes in ground levels are proposed

Site layout plans – needed for all applications

Site location plans – needed for all applications

Street scene – required for developments that are near to existing buildings and are likely to have a significant visual impact when viewed from a public space.

  • For example, relatively large side extensions that will be near to neighbouring buildings

Visibility splay – required for all new or altered vehicular accesses onto an existing highway, and can be included in a site layout plan. 

How to submit documents with your application

To find out how to submit documents with your planning application, please see our below page.