Research planning history

You can access planning applications for any property within the district on our 

  • planning map
  • planning case file database (from 2000 onwards only)

Both options will provide you with the following information:

  • ​the application reference number
  • the location address
  • a short description of the development
  • the date it was decided
  • the council’s decision

Please note we do not keep a full version of case files in paper form.

Request copies

You can contact us to order copies of documents through the page below. Charges will apply. We will send your documents within ten working days along with an invoice. 

To order documents, you will need to include the following:

  • reference number of the application
  • which documents you need

Library members can ask for planning documents to be printed in any of our libraries (A4 size only – charges apply).

Adopted roads

To find out which roads we maintain, you can use the following databases: 

For more information, please contact our Highway Searches team. Please include a map or plan of the area of interest with your search request.

Article 4 Directions

To find out if a property is under an Article 4 Direction, you can search on our Planning Map, or on our Article 4 Direction page, where they are organised by area.  

Authorised planning use

We do not keep a register of authorised use classes for properties because this can be changed without telling us.

If you want an existing use formalised, you will need to apply for a lawful development certificate on the Planning Portal website.

However, you can request our opinion on a specific planning use. There is a charge for this service.

Please note that our opinion is non-binding and is based on information given.

Permitted development rights

When planning permission is given, conditions might be included which remove permitted development rights. This means planning permission is needed for the type of development referred to in a condition. Use our planning map to find out if there are any planning approvals on a property. The decision notice will list any conditions.

If there is a condition removing permitted development rights you need to ask:

  • ​​does the type of development referred to in the condition relate to what you want to do?
  • was the development for which permission was granted ever started?

If the answer to either of these questions is ‘no’, permitted development rights for your proposal have not been removed.

If you are uncertain about whether or not permitted development rights have been removed, you can always contact us for more information

Planning conditions

You can ask us for written confirmation that a condition has been met. Please contact us using the form below. 

Planning designations

Use our planning map to find out if planning designations apply, such as(green belt, public rights of way or listed buildings).

Planning obligations or legal agreements

Please see our documents and copies page to find out how to get: 

  • confirmation that a planning obligation or legal agreement has been met
  • confirmation that a planning obligation or legal agreement relates to a property
  • a copy of a planning obligation or legal agreement

Property ownership

We do not keep records of private ownership. Details of this can be found on GOV.UK's online Land Registry

To find out if we own a specific piece of land or property, please contact our Property and Asset Management team on the details below.