Demolition work

Depending on the size of the building, and whether or not it is listed or in a conservation area, you may need prior consent or to notify the council if you plan to demolish a building. 

When to notify

Demolition of buildings is managed under sections 80 to 83 of the Building Act 1984. If you plan to demolish a structure larger than 49.5m³, written notice of intent must be given to the following bodies at least six weeks before the start of work: 

  • local gas, water, and electricity companies to arrange the cancellation of services
  • the local council building control department
  • adjacent neighbours before work starts and minimise disruption during the works.

Planning permissions and consents

Additional planning permissions or consents will need to be obtained if the demolition falls into the below areas: 

  • Conservation areas - any demolition within a conservation area will require planning permission unless it meets certain criteria
  • Pubs or other drinking establishments (Use classes A4 or AA) full planning permission is required to demolish pubs or other drinking establishments (including those with expanded food provision)
  • Listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments this will require listed building consent