Council Tax £150 energy rebate

As part of the government’s initiative to help households with rising energy costs, they have announced a £150 non-repayable Council Tax Rebate for qualifying households in council tax bands A to D.

Over 77,000 payments have been made to eligible households who pay by direct debit or non-direct debit payers who had made a successful application.

The application process closed on Wednesday 15 June 2022.

When payments were made

Direct Debit payers

All payments have now been made for eligible customers registered to pay by direct debit.

The payment will be clearly marked as ‘N.SOMERSET REFUND’ on your bank statement.

If we were unable to make a payment directly to your bank account automatically, the £150 was credited to your Council Tax account on Wednesday 29 June 2022.

Non-Direct Debit payers

The application process is now closed. Where successful applications were made, the payment will be clearly marked as ‘N.SOMERSET REFUND’ on your bank statement.

Where no application was received or we couldn’t verify your bank account details, the payment of £150 was credited to your council tax account on 29 June 2022.

Energy Rebate Discretionary fund

In addition to the mandatory energy support for bands A to D properties, the government has provided limited funding to councils to operate a discretionary energy rebate fund for households in financial need who would not otherwise be eligible for the energy rebate. This relates to households in Council Tax bands E to H, and some households in bands A to D that did not fit into the main scheme criteria.

The discretionary policy has been designed to ensure that residents that fall outside of bands A to D but are suffering financial hardship will also receive an energy support payment.

A payment of £150 will be available to the following qualifying households:

  • properties in bands E to H, if you are
    • in receipt of Council Tax support
    • in receipt of a student exemption
    • severely mentally impaired
    • in receipt of Carers Allowance
    • a hospital inpatient
    • in residential care
    • part of a religious community
  • properties in bands F to H and in receipt of Disabled Band Relief

In these scenarios we will be making an automatic payment directly to your bank account if you are a direct debit payer, or sending an invitation to apply and provide your bank account details if you are not a direct debit payer.

Claims process

Our discretionary scheme application process is now closed.

Some successful applications have already received payment. If your application was received after 26 October 2022, you will receive payment within the next two weeks.