Free school meals during the holidays

We are supporting local organisations to ensure no child goes hungry during the school holidays. You can find out how we are doing this in our holiday meals press release.

Organisations and businesses offering free meals

We've put together a list of local organisations that we know of who are offering free meals in North Somerset.


Banwell Parish council - website

Churchill and Langford 

Churchill Inn - Facebook Page


Clevedon Aid - website

Café Fusion - Facebook Page 

Jenny’s Café - Facebook Page  

Oyes Clevedon - Facebook Page  

Belly Busters Burger Bar- Facebook Page  

You can find more information about free lunch schemes in Clevedon on the Discover Clevedon website.

Long Ashton 

The Long Ashton Support Network can provide food or financial support, but not hot meals. You can contact them by emailing 


The Ring o’ Bells - Facebook Page (packed lunches)

Moorend Spout - Facebook Page (packed lunches) 

Coates House - Facebook Page (packed lunches) 

The Old Farmhouse pub - Facebook Page (teatime meals)   


Portishead Foodbank website - all children on free school meals will have received a voucher through the school for a pack from the food bank, covering food for a child for a week during half term

Medspace Solutions working with the Corner Café - Facebook Page – free meals Monday to Saturday

Good Fill Pantry - Facebook Page 

The Windmill Inn - Facebook Page


Central Weston

The Stable Cafe - Facebook Page

Weston Food Bank and The Grand Pier - Facebook Page  

Milton and Worle 

Poppadoms - Facebook Page

Jaan - Facebook Page

The Woolpack Inn - Facebook Page

Help Out When School's Out

You can find businesses local to you who are providing free meals for children on the Help Out When School's Out website

If your business is providing free meals for children during the holidays, you can register your business on the Help Out When School's Out website.

Free school meals Google Map

A Google Map showing locations around the UK where you can get free meals for children.

If your business is providing free meals for children during the holidays, there is a link on the map to add your details.

Welfare Provision Scheme

If you need urgent financial help during the school holidays, you may be eligible for a Welfare Provision Scheme payment.

Find out more about the Welfare Provision Scheme.