Getting the right support

When a request for social care and support is made, we carry out an eligibility assessment to determine the care that is needed and if the person is financially able to contribute towards costs. The same set of standards is used for everyone to ensure fairness.

People may need:

  • intensive support for a short period of time
  • equipment in the home
  • help to become more independent to reduce the need for longer-term support

Professionals will talk you through these options before any decision is made.

We decide whether people are eligible using the Department of Health criteria. This is graded into four bands which describe the seriousness of risk to independence or other consequences if needs are not addressed. These bands are critical, substantial, moderate or low.

The threshold for North Somerset includes critical and substantial needs only. However we can give advice and information on alternative support for moderate or low needs.


Professionals will talk through your needs, learn what you want to achieve and decide what support is right for you. There may be some situations when we cannot provide all the help you feel that you need.

We will set out any help you receive in a support plan. We will give you a copy of this plan and explain any costs.

Carer's assessment

Anyone who provides regular care to a relative or friend and finds it is having an impact on their life can have a carer’s assessment. The questions will help identify how caring impacts on a carer’s life, so we can determine what support is needed.

A carer’s assessment can be done even if the person receiving the care refuses help or does not want to be assessed.

Services provided for carers can include:

  • substitute care so you can have a break

  • help with particular tasks or equipment

  • advice and support

  • information about benefits

Financial assessment

We carry out a financial assessment to decide how much you can afford to pay towards your care and support. If you have savings or investments worth more than £23,250, or you do not wish to disclose your financial details, you will be responsible for funding your own care (self-funding). This threshold may change at the start of each financial year.

People who fund their own care can still receive help and advice through our care navigator service.