Help to make a decision about care

Working out your care options

We can help assess your needs and talk you through the different options, whether or not you pay for your own care

Getting the right support

Details of our eligibility assessment to determine what level of care you need and whether you need to make a contribution towards costs

Paying for care

Information on who is eligible for financial support, where you can get advice and how to apply for direct payments

Care navigators

Care navigators can help people who are paying for their own care to find the right information and support to meet their needs

Choosing a home care provider

What to consider when you need someone to look after you in your own home


Find an advocacy service to help you express your views and wishes, and to help make sure your voice is heard

Personal assistants

Use our online personal assistant (PA) network if you're looking for someone to work for you as a PA or if you're looking for work as a PA