About Deaf Awareness Week

For the past seven years we’ve celebrated Deaf Awareness Week (DAW) in North Somerset with the deaf community and a wide range of organisations, voluntary groups and local schools.

2 - 8 May 2022

This years DAW will focus on 'Inclusion Deafness' and explore the entire theme of inclusion within our community. We will highlight:

  • the impact of hearing loss on everyday life
  • importance of mental health in deaf
  • increase visibility and inclusion of underrepresented groups amongst deaf such as migrants, black, Asian, minority ethnic people and women
  • raise relevant issues of deafness being overlooked within education and the workplace

Aims for the week

Our goals for Deaf Awareness Week are as follows:

  • To let deaf people know about all the social groups and specialist services
  • To promote deaf awareness among the general public.

To find out more about the initiative, contact Liz Watkins, social worker with deaf people and single point access team.

Deaf Awareness survey

To mark Deaf Awareness Week, we're working with Citizens Advice North Somerset to launch a survey. The aim is to find out which organisations are Deaf Aware and go out of their way to help people, and which are not. When the results are in, we’ll offer some free Deaf Awareness sessions from our partners to try and improve the situation.

To get a copy of the survey, or to share your experiences of Deaf Awareness in North Somerset, please email FAIR@nscab.org.uk.